markenMAP collects, compresses, organises, and analyses all data relevant to brand management data in a clear and central dashboard.

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AdWatch provides centralised access to all campaign motifs for your market, including links to media details such as scattering and media plans, formats, and spending – updated daily and adapted to your market segmentation.

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MediaWatch integrates all data (e.g. current media plans, market research and competitive analysis data), compresses and combines them, and presents them in a specialised marketing dashboard.

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Complex in the background and user-friendly on the surface. DataBrowser is a dynamic tool that provides direct ad hoc access to and links together all multidimensional data available in the system.

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Our tools

Our tools are provided with smart features that simplify time-consuming routine tasks, provide a variety of analysis options, and clearly present complex information using simple charts and graphs. Easy to use with intuitive user interfaces.

All tools are web-based and thus provide worldwide access directly via a web browser. They have the highest safety standards and are only accessible by authorised users. Even on mobile devices.

Our products should be optimally integrated into the business processes of our clients and are customised according to your specific requirements – of course, in the CI of your company.