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AdWatch provides centralised access to all campaign motifs for your market, including links to media details such as scattering and media plans, formats, and spending – updated daily and adapted to your market view.

Intuitive search and filtering options, a clear representation scheme, and extensive sorting capabilities facilitate the daily monitoring of competition.

Self-defined search agents scan market activities and independently provide information (e.g. via email or at the dashboard) about the emergence of new creations or products in the segments being observed.

The data are automatically recorded and reviewed by quality gates. This minimises manual maintenance. Data from different countries and from different suppliers as well as special advertising forms can be integrated.

Through the flexibility of AdWatch and the independence of data suppliers, you do not risk losing investments in purchased data. The data is not stored in the data suppliers but rather in AdWatch. If you need to change the data suppliers, you will still have full access to the usual form of the data and a seamless transition.

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