markenMAP Dashboard

markenMAP is the central monitoring and analysis platform, which integrates, compresses, structures, and analyses all data relevant for brand management. From various sources — in a clear and central report system.

Sales and revenue figures and scanner/panel data is linked to marketing activities, campaign motifs, media spending, and performance values — both yours and those of your competitors. In addition to the current status, you can also follow long-term changes. Identify dependencies and cause-effect chains!

A clear cockpit displays your key metrics at a glance with target–actual comparisons and an alert function for target deviations.

markenMAP is current and global. Automatically updated reports for all levels of management ensure uniform informational status across departments and locations — whether in Germany or China.

markenMAP is customised to your company structure and product range. These are defined together once and then form the basis for all reports. In this way, we ensure the best possible integration into your everyday work and significantly reduce the amount of post-treatment.

In addition to standard functions (e.g. for display search or the creation of charts), markenMAP can also be extended to perform client-specific functions. Of course, we provide interfaces to existing systems in order to quickly and easily prepare data from these systems in markenMAP and link it with other data.

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