Software development and consultation

We offer consultation and development, the operation of web-based IT systems, and Internet and intranet sites. With our software solutions, we standardise processes and create data structures in order to enable the automation of time-consuming steps such as reporting and ad-hoc analyses.

In addition to software development, we offer comprehensive consultation and support from a single source. We advise you in all matters — from requests for formulation, strategy, system selection and system integration to technical questions about the operation and maintenance of systems and database optimisation.

Of course, we offer training courses to help you and your employees gain the maximum benefit from our tools. Even after the deployment of our systems, we remain a key contact that is always at your side with help and advice.

Customising our tools

Our tools are customised to fit your corporate structure and product areas. These are defined jointly with the departments and then form the basis for the surface design and all reports. In this way, we ensure the best possible integration into the processes of our clients.

In addition to standard features such as automatic chart creating or search capabilities, our systems can be expanded to include client-specific functions.

Of course, we provide interfaces to existing systems to automatically link and process data.

Data migration and

We integrate and process mass data (internal and external data from different suppliers) in a central database and provide direct and quick access to all data.

With our expertise and the adaptability of our tools, we can offer custom processing routines that are geared to your structures and not vice versa. Your data must not be adapted to our tool. Instead, we optimally integrate it into our systems.

With the help of the cockpit feature, you view current relevant data and figures centrally and at a glance. From there, the system filter functions allows you to investigate further details.

Hosting and operation of systems

High performance, professional service, and high safety standards – especially in relation to sensitive data — are essential. In addition to the system setup, we also take care of the adequate operation of the systems. We provide a powerful server infrastructure with custom software, high-performance databases, and the appropriate Internet connection.

The servers are located in professional data centres in Germany and are well protected. All maintenance, backups, and software updates are done by us, so that you will be relieved of this work.

Depending on the service and the data size, we offer completely individual services for our clients because only with the appropriate methods and technology can your projects be successfully implemented. We would be happy to advise you. Of course, the systems can also be installed in house!

Project schedule:

  • 1 Situation analysis — we define and jointly create a requirement analysis.
  • 2 We create a rough concept, which serves as a basis.
  • 3 We jointly define a schedule, time frame, and milestones. Because of this, we create a binding specification.
  • 4 We implement our plan in close cooperation with you. We present intermediate results in defined stages in order to complete the project accurately and to cost.
  • 5 Prior to project completion, we assure the quality through product testing.
  • 6 Acceptance and go live of the system.
  • 7 We provide training and workshops.
  • 8 We provide system support and a hotline/user support.